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Fogging Machines

Fogging machines are designed to create a fine mist of chemicals allowing the chemical to penetrate even the smallest spaces. The jets on a fogger split the chemical into particles ranging from 15 - 49 microns suspending the chemical in the air for longer allowing it to travel further and cover all areas. Fogging machines have a wide range of applications ranging from agriculture and pest control to fire damage and medical facilities.
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Mini Fogger
Mini Fogger
£218.00 exc. VAT
£261.60 inc. VAT
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B&G 2300 Fogger
B&G 2300 Fogger
£288.95 exc. VAT
£346.74 inc. VAT
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B&G 2400 fogger
B&G 2400 Fogger
£367.00 exc. VAT
£440.40 inc. VAT
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B&G 2600 fogger
B&G 2600 Fogger
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